Why Predict the Future, when you can create it.  
Hi... Welcome to the OnlineSuresh.co.nr. This is the gate way that I use to communicate with the Outer Space. Ooops... correction "Cyber Space". Yes.. I am a person who likes to have friends from all around the world.  
Well.. Still the site is in development and I am planning to add some new features to the Site in the near future. So just check the stuff that I have uploaded and for your comments the guest book is always open, make sure to write your comments, before you leave. And also any time feel free to visit My Web site.  

(But do not make it a habit...). Just kiddin..%.. By the way it's a honor to have you in my friend's list :)

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* PowerZaver v1.00 Released on 31/01/2010 Click here to Download ! ! !

* My new blog site SriLankan Dream Launched

* MyCropZ v2.0 (Facebook BarnBuddy Game) Time Calculator is now available in CNET Download.com

* Launched a Subject Directory for Free Downloads. www.SLfreeDownloads.co.nr

* Greedy Grabber v1.00 Released on 03/05/2009 Click here to Download ! ! !

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